So close, but so far: Proximus increases 4G coverage around Brussels

May 9th, 2013 Posted in Blog

Desperate for 4G? Can’t wait for it to be rolled out in Brussels? According to the latest coverage maps, perhaps you should consider moving to Zellik, Berchem, Waterloo, or Grimbergen.

Proximus 4G coverage - 20130509

Detail from the coverage map (as of: May 9, 2013)

In February we wrote that Brussels is unlikely to see 4G in any meaningful way until 2014. So far, no decision has been made yet about the rules which are limiting the deployment of the latest technology in the center of Brussels. However, according to a recent article on BeMobile.be (FR), 4G is starting to appear in the neighbourhoods around Brussels.

While this is positive news for people living in the areas being served by 4G, this slow process of encirclement is also an important strategic move. By deploying the latest technology on the edges of the Brussels city center, they are putting pressure on the government to make a decision. If the center is surrounded by 4G, there will be pressure from users to close the gaps, especially if the gap is where they might use the service the most. Why should a user be able to have 4G service at home, but not at work?

Not to be too cynical, but in the end the situation may only gain real priority when key individuals start to feel the constraints personally.  Until then, maybe we should all move to Waterloo.


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