TelenetTelenet is the largest cable provider in Belgium, but now offer multiple services, including mobile. Their mix of services allows them to compete with Belgacom/Proximus in Flanders and parts of Brussels. The current offerings are trying to match the offer from Mobile Vikings.

Network MVNO on Mobistar
Website http://telenet.be
Website Languages NL, FR (very limited EN)
3G Coverage 97% (Mobistar network)
4G Coverage Awaiting the commercialisation of Mobistar’s 4G services.
Coverage Map http://corporate.mobistar.be/go/fr/reseau/reseau_mobile.cfm
Contract types Prepaid (King & Kong)
Stores Yes
Other services
(Broadband, TV, Telephone, WiFi, …)
  • Broadband (Cable)
  • TV
  • Telephone (via Broadband)
  • Wi-Free Hotspot access