Mobile Vikings Service Overview:

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Mobile Vikings is a well-known Belgium-based company that portrays themselves as the community-driven mobile ecosystem builder. The company has already revolutionized the entire Belgian market. In fact, they are on a mission to deliver a mobile life that is low-cost, practical and as fun as possible. With this milestone, the company challenges the existing & traditional business models of telecom & seeks to radically change the entire environment. Also, they believe that their team can really provide great values to their stakeholders in the long run, rather than immediately.

Obviously, Mobile Vikings & their core business is – telecoms. However, they provide various products, services, & solutions covering other sectors too. Currently, their team of world-class developers is fully engaged in developing their own top-notch software platform which will further allow them to offer exceptional services to the Vikings & other communities. Plus, the members will be able to easily, effectively, & efficiently integrate with the partners in their innovative ecosystem.

In this context, this article will provide a concise & insightful review about their mobile service & the related products.

Mobile Services:

Among the various services offered by Mobile Vikings, the following mobile services are extremely popular, for example, prepaid SIM cards & subscriptions. Plus, there is an exceptionally useful & fierce Viking advantage – a unique & outstanding mobile data offer. With Mobile Vikings, their members or subscribers will get loads of free data whenever they opt for any mobile plan. But, why should you choose their service? Well, keep reading in order to discover more details about their mobile-related products & services.

1. Best Data Offer: This organization is on a mission to provide their consumer the best mobile data offer at the optimum price. In order to achieve this milestone, the company now offers various mobile data plans whenever the customers are opting for a subscription or purchasing a new prepaid sim card from them.

2. Community Services: The members or subscribers of this company has their own community – the community of Vikings. Once, you subscribe for any of their mobile plans, you will also become an integral part of this vast community. Now, as a community member, you can both call and text other Vikings for free! For an instance, All the Belgian Mobile Vikings can call and/or text each other for free of charge (with 1,800 calling minutes & 9,000 SMS per month).

3. Earn Points: Once you will start using their mobile services, you will also earn loyalty points or Vikings points. The best part is – you can convert or utilize the accumulated points in order to further lower down your cost.

4. Outstanding Data Speed: In the world of internet & web, you must be looking for a reliable mobile data connection. Aren’t you? Well, Mobile Vikings offers various mobile data plans with an exceptionally fast speed (where you can surf any web content with the lightening speed of 4G).

5. Other Offers: When you refer your friend to opt the mobile services from Mobile Vikings, you will receive Viking Points. For an example, once the referred member joins the community, completes his/her first top up transaction, and generate invoice – you will earn a total of 15 Viking Points.

6. Lucrative Vikings Deals: Once you’re connected with the exceptional mobile network of this company & you make some purchases from any of their renowned global partners – a significant part of your purchase amount will be automatically reimbursed in terms of Viking Points.
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Types of Mobile Services:

The company primarily offers two types of mobile services – Prepaid Sim & Subscription. Note, both of the services feature a state-of-the-art mobile data offer. The brief details of each individual services are described below:

1. Subscription: Here, you can easily choose your preferred Mobile Vikings subscription & enjoy the unique facilities. The subscription starts with € 10 per month where you will receive 1 GB data, 1000 text messages, 100 calling minutes, and the grand Viking Advantage. Also, you can pick the other offers too i.e. € 15/per month subscription plan & € 25/per month subscription plan.

2.Prepaid Sim Card: With the prepaid SIM card offer, you will enjoy various facilities like free calling minutes, free mobile data, free text messages, and the grand Viking Advantage. Plus, you are also allowed to pick the best plan (from the available options) which suits you the most!

3. Surf Only: This will provide you just the mobile internet where you can surf the web with a super fast 4G speed.

4. Call, Text, & Surf Abroad: This offer is applicable when you are on roaming. By opting this service, you will enjoy special rates whenever you travel abroad.

Other Products:

Apart from the mobile services, other products include – Viking Talk & Viking Spots etc.

Outdated info below from previous plans:

MobileVikingsMobile Vikings was founded in 2008 and activated their first SIM card in January 2009. They revolutionized the Belgian market by offering 1GB of free mobile internet (data) and 1000 SMSes with a €15 pre-paid top-up. The top-up is used to pay for phone calls at €0.24 per minute and for extra data or SMS charges.

Today they offer 2GB of free data and 2000 SMSes (1000 to all networks and 1000 to other Mobile Vikings subscribers). Further, if you refer friends, you get VikingPoints which can be used for free top-ups.  They are a very social company, focusing on building up a strong community of Vikings.

Mobile Vikings have also been expanding their offer. In 2011 they released VikingTalk, an app for your smartphone used to make cheap calls throughout Belgium, and they launched VikingSpots, a location check-in tool which allows you to earn Viking Points, in 2012.

Network MVNO on BASE
Website http://mobilevikings.com
Website Languages EN, NL, FR
3G Coverage 89.2% (BASE network)
4G Coverage None
Coverage Map http://mv.b12e.be/coverage/
Contract types Prepaid
Stores No
Other services (Broadband, TV, Telephone, WiFi, …)
  • VikingTalk (VoIP App for SmartPhone)
  • VikingSpots (location check-in, deals)