BASE Mobile Service Overview:

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BASE is a Belgium-based mobile service provider. As of February 2016, it has become an integral part of Telenet. The company, Telenet already has more than one million mobile customers. Now, BASE & Telenet will collectively embark their journey in order to feature themselves as the leading provider of optimum, integrated, and reliable telecom services in the European market.

In this context, it’s worth to note that BASE is the third largest mobile telecommunications operator of Belgium. The company was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Initially, the organization was mostly popular for their fixed line & broadband ADSL operations. Next, in 2010, they launched their 3G network – HSDPA. Now, the company is on a mission to create an outstanding mobile network for their consumers.

Note, this fast growing mobile operator uses various frequency ranges in order to offer their customers a fun, pleasant, and hassle-free mobile connection experience. Furthermore, their official Company network is also used by a plenty of virtual network operators, such as Simyo (KPN), Aldi Talk (Medion Mobile), and Tele2 Smart (Tele2) etc.

Are you looking for useful information about this prestigious company & their services? Well, if yes, then take a look at this precise article which mainly covers a brief overview of their various mobile-related products & services.

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Mobile Services:

In order to provide their consumers a truly useful & outstanding experience, the company offers various mobile plans including captivating mobile data offer, monthly rental plans, calling minutes, hassle-free roaming, voicemail, and much more too. For more details on each of the aforementioned features, check the following sections:

Types of Mobile Services: Among the myriad of available options, the most popular BASE mobile services are briefly described below for your reference:

1. Monthly Plans: With this offer, you will enjoy a bunch of facilities, such as monthly call credits, free data, free minutes & free texts etc. Also, you are flexible enough to switch between your plans whenever you feel it required. To avail this offer (for the first time), all you’ll need to register with BASE. Next, you can easily choose your favorite plan. For further assistance, you can directly contact their customer help desk.

2. Prepaid Sim Cards: If you opt for a prepaid sim card from this company, you will also enjoy the aforementioned facilities like monthly call credits, free data, free minutes & free texts etc. Additionally, you can even utilize special rates on both international calling and roaming. Note, all new prepaid cards need to be registered (as per the government rule) prior using. Once you obtain a prepaid card, you’re free to choose, select, and/or switch between your preferred plans.

3. Mobile Internet: With this service, you can now enjoy a reliable & fast mobile data connection on your portable gadgets i.e. laptop, smartphone, tablet or iPhone etc. Here, you can choose the BASE monthly plans which come with an advantageous data to surf offer (where you can surf the internet as much as you want). Apart from that, you can purchase a prepaid sim card too. With prepaid sim card, you will also enjoy a super fast mobile internet connection anytime & anywhere.

Other than the aforementioned options, there’s another service of MIFI. Note, MIFI is a small yet innovative device that can efficiently create an instant wireless Internet connection. Next, you can connect all of your devices with MIFI. Finally, if you’re looking for a mobile internet connection for tablets & laptops – then you can opt for various special tariff plans specifically available for laptops & tablets. In order to avail this service, you will need a BASE sim card & you’ll be ready to browse the internet!

4. Other Options: The aforementioned three services are the most popular products of BASE Mobile Service. However, there are a variety of additional services which can be availed based on your individual preference. For an instance, with “Call & SMS Bundles”, you will enjoy special rates on calling & texting. Now, to spare the extra costs while you are on roaming, you can avail various international roaming plans.

Furthermore, you can avail the offers of voicemail & visual voicemail and SMS & MMS services etc. For more assistance on these exclusive mobile service offers, you can contact their helpdesk or visit the official website of BASE.

Other Products:

Apart from the sound mobile network connection, BASE offers a variety of useful services and more.

Base was founded in 1999 and is the third largest mobile operator in Belgium. In 2015, Telenet bought Base from Dutch Telecom, KPN, and have continued to build out the mobile operator’s 4G (LTE) network.

Network Own
Website http://base.be
Website Languages EN, NL, FR
3G Coverage 99.9%
4G Coverage 91.9%
Coverage Map https://www.base.be/en/mobile/network.html
Contract types Prepaid and postpaid
Stores Yes
Other services
(Broadband, TV, Telephone, WiFi, …)


Base is also the owner of or partner in a number of MVNOs: