FON WiFi Network Extending to Germany

March 5th, 2013 Posted in Blog

FON Logo Belgacom LogoDeutsche Telekom has recently signed an agreement with FON to bring their WiFi service to Germany. This is good news for Belgacom clients who have subscribed to the service as it opens up new opportunities to surf abroad. There are already 7 million access points in Belgium, the UK, Spain, and France.

WiFi as a service is a growing trend with internet providers, like Belgacom and Telenet. There are multiple benefits, but for the operators, the two most important include: additional revenue per subscriber and offering more to their customers. It is also worth pointing out that it also benefits their mobile operations as their subscribers can connect to the nearest hotspot rather than use the 3G network. So the customers get faster speeds and it takes the load off the 3G mobile network.

The FON network continues to grow and is an enticing add-on if you are a frequent traveler to locations covered by FON. As the next generation mobile networks (e.g. LTE) gain traction, it will be interesting to see if users continue to seek out WiFi hotspots.

For more information you can check out BeMobile.be’s article (FR) or FON’s press release.

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